• CASE-Brake pad, break flange processing

    CASE-Brake pad, break flange processing

    Brake pad, brake shoes, suspension brackets, car beams, and other support materials are mainly ductile iron and cast steel. The processing of this kind of parts is mainly milling, drilling, and tapping, which requires the machine to have a high speed and torque, but also have 3-axis of rapid movement to improve the processing speed.

  • CASE-Cylindrical pipe parts processing

    CASE-Cylindrical pipe parts processing

    Most of the above parts should be processed from multiple angles. The following four axes and z-axis should have enough space and good rigidity requirements.

  • CASE-Engine casing processing by CNC machine

    CASE-Engine casing processing by CNC machine

    The gearbox rear cover, reducer housing, inlet, and outlet exhaust pipes, axle core hubs, steering arms, and other parts on heavy trucks are castings, which are high in hardness and can be processed with a large amount of removal. How to process at high speed, efficiency, and stability? CNC machining center is required to have super rigidity and large torque first.

  • Selection of CNC machining Center Processing Scheme

    Selection of CNC machining Center Processing Scheme

    According to the different products processed, the main choices of CNC machines are as follows

  • CASE-Horizontal Machining center application

    CASE-Horizontal Machining center application

    Horizontal Machining Center mainly used for the processing of box, shell and special-shaped parts in automobile, motorcycle,especially auto engine shell,reducer shell, mould and general machinery industries.

  • CASE-Vertical Tapping Center application

    CASE-Vertical Tapping Center application

    Vertical Tapping Center:mainly used for 3C of consumer electronics shell, precision mould,stainless steel equipment, 5G facility,communication device shell,aerospace, automotive parts and equipment in the industry of small plate parts processing.

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