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    Vertical Tapping Processing Center VT60B for 5G facility

    The machine bed and column are casted by new material and new technology of UHPC from Germany. Compared with the traditional iron castings, it has excellent shock absorption, low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity coefficient, corrosion resistance, casting at room temperature, low internal stress after solidification. The slider, headstock, worktable and other moving parts adopt the German advanced steel plate welding new technology. Compared with the traditional iron castings, they can get higher rigidity, lighter moving parts, less movement inertia, then the machine can get better response rate and movement precision. The worktable moves along the Y-axis on the bed, effectively avoid the defects of mobile table structure. For example, the problem of excessive response under small load, and the problem of delayed response under large load. The slider moves along the X-axis on the beam, and the headstock moves along the z-axis on the slider, which effectively avoids the overhang of the moving parts and has higher rigidity and precision. 3-axis adopts high-precision silent C3 level lead screw with low friction loss and high positioning accuracy. The lead screw is powered by high-torque ac servo motor directly connected with the precision coupling.

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