Main suppliers and partners

Main suppliers and partners

Bringing innovative, effective, high-quality products to our consumers around the world has always been a compelling mission. To do this, we select partners who are experts in their field, and with whom we can build a long-term relationship and co-create sustainable innovations.

  • Difference Between Oil And Gas Lubrication And Oil Mist Lubrication

    CNC vertical machining center can complete multiple processes such as drilling, milling, grinding, etc. It can produce high precision parts required by automotive, aerospace, and other industries at one time by just designing a good program, which is the biggest selling point for customers.

  • Seven common machining methods and approaches

    The form of machining varies according to the requirements of different material workpieces and products. The traditional machining methods are those we often hear of turning, clamping, milling, planing, and grinding. And with the development of mechanical technology, in mechanical processing, there are also electroplating, wire cutting, casting, forging and powder processing, and so on.

  • The difference between CNC milling machine and a planer

    It is a versatile machine tool that can process flat surfaces (horizontal and vertical surfaces), grooves (keyways, T-slots, dovetails, etc.), split-tooth parts (gears, spline shafts, sprockets), spiral surfaces (threads, spiral grooves), and various curved surfaces on the milling machine. In addition, the planer is a linear motion machine tool that uses a planning tool to plane the plane, groove, or formed surface of the workpiece. Using the planer processing, the tool is simpler, but the productivity is lower (except for processing long and narrow plane), and therefore mainly used for single-piece, small batch production, and machine shop, often replaced by milling machines in mass production.

  • CNC Machine Tool-Servo Motor

    A servo motor is an engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in a servo system and is a subsidized motor indirect variable speed device.

  • CNC machine -forging machine

    Forging machine tools are metal and mechanical cold processing equipment, including coilers, shears, punching machines, bending machines, presses, etc.. Traditional forging machine tools are divided into: roll forging machine tools, mechanical pressure forging machine tools, extrusion forging machine tools, spiral forging machine tools.

  • The Classification Of CNC Machine Spindle

    The spindle unit is the unit that directly drives the tool or workpiece to rotate and perform machining procedures such as cutting and grinding when machining on CNC machines. It is a set of components that contains the spindle and other accessories such as bearings, tool clamping system, etc.

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