HOT SALE-DEED V850L CNC Vertical Machining Center


Vertical machining center V850L is a common hot product, because of its wide processing range, small footprint, high-cost performance characteristics widely loved by users of machining enterprises. Generally, the machining range of workpiece is 850*510*510mm, and it can finish the machining of various complex parts such as disc, plate, shell, cam, mold, etc. within its machining range with one clamping, such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processes.

Main structural features.

1, Base, saddle, table, column, spindle box, and other major foundation parts using mineral casting and German welding technology, to ensure the high rigidity of the foundation parts and anti-bending damping performance; foundation parts after aging treatment, to ensure the long-term use of the machine tool accuracy stability, to provide a guarantee for the reliability of machine performance.


2, X, Y, Z direction guide is a rectangular guide, guide surface without frictional resistance of feed movement, no low-speed crawling phenomenon, improve the machine precision life.


3, X, Y, Z three directional feed using brand high-precision high-strength ball screw, high feed speed, high positioning accuracy of the machine tool.


4, X, Y, Z three directions of guide rails, screw are enclosed protection, to ensure the cleanliness of the screw and guideway, to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool transmission and movement.


5, The outer protection of the machine tool is designed with a fully enclosed structure, which is safe and reliable; half protection structure is optional.


6, The machine tool operating system is designed with ergonomic principles, easy to operate.


7, The use of centralized manual lubrication device, stable and reliable work.


8, Full function, easy to operate, stable, and reliable precision.


Vertical machining center V850L is suitable for:CNC machine


1, The internal and external curve contour formed by a straight line and circular arc, especially the curve contour such as non-circular curve and list curve given by mathematical expression and the space surface given mathematical model.


2, Parts with many sizes, complex shapes, difficult to scribe and detect.


3, The inner cavity-type and the inside of the box that is usually difficult to observe, measure, and control the feed when processed by an ordinary milling machine, etc.


4, High-precision holes or planes with strict position tolerance requirements.


5, Simple surfaces or shapes that can be machined out in one installation in passing.


6, Processing can effectively improve productivity and reduce the labor intensity of the general processing content.


Vertical machining center V850L is not suitable for the following situations.


1, The products that need to take up a long time to adjust the machine.


2, The machining allowance is not stable, and the high-speed machine and can not automatically adjust the coordinate position of the part of the product.


3, Can not be completed in a single clamping scattered parts of the product.

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