CNC machine -forging machine


Forging machine tools are metal and mechanical cold processing equipment, including coilers, shears, punching machines, bending machines, presses, etc.. Traditional forging machine tools are divided into: roll forging machine tools, mechanical pressure forging machine tools, extrusion forging machine tools, spiral forging machine tools.

Forging is a combination of forging and stamping, forging the use of forging machinery to apply pressure to the metal billet, stamping relies on presses and dies on plates, strips, pipes and profiles to apply external force, both can make the processed parts produce significant plastic deformation, and finally obtain a certain shape and mechanical properties of the workpiece.

Forging according to the temperature, can be divided into hot forging, warm forging and cold forging, according to the forming mechanism, can be divided into free forging, die forging, lapping ring, special forging. Stamping is divided into hot stamping and cold stamping according to the processing temperature. At present, forging machine tools are developing in the direction of high precision, automation, energy saving and environmental protection.

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