Difference Between Oil And Gas Lubrication And Oil Mist Lubrication


Difference between oil and gas lubrication and oil mist lubrication

CNC vertical machining center can complete multiple processes such as drilling, milling, grinding, etc. It can produce high precision parts required by automotive, aerospace, and other industries at one time by just designing a good program, which is the biggest selling point for customers.


What is the lubrication system of the CNC vertical machining center? Simply put, it is the use of compressed air in the flow of the pipe, driving the continuous flow of lubricant along the inner wall of the pipe, the oil and gas mixture and transported to the machining center spindle part and the screw and other parts needing lubrication.


CNC vertical machining center oil and gas lubrication and oil mist lubrication similarities and differences


1,The use of grease and lubricating oil cycle lubrication will produce abnormal heating parts


2, like the spindle, the need for a high degree of cleanliness and confinement of the parts of high speed bearings

At the same time, we should also pay attention to some details: the current market many varieties of lubricants, the quality is mixed, we have to choose fewer impurities high purity of the lubricant. Machine tools in use for a period of time, the filter should be regularly cleaned to avoid filter clogging, followed by oil pressure under the action of the filter rupture failure.


The characteristics of the center lubrication system


1,  Environmental protection, no pollution. Because there will be no oil and mist emitted, the surrounding environment is not polluted


2,Oil supply. Can increase the adjustment valve, the oil according to different needs to the spindle and screw and other lubrication points.


3,No problem of atomization difficulty of high viscosity lubricating oil; suitable for any oil.


4,Automatic detection and monitoring. It can detect whether the lubricant is normal or not, and if the lubrication is bad, it can alarm and stop to avoid the equipment from non-normal operation.


5,It is especially suitable for the rolling bearing of the spindle, with certain air cooling effect, which can reduce the running temperature of bearing, thus prolonging the service life of the spindle.

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