Debugging of CNC Machine Tool

  • The machine precision adjustment

In the machine tool accuracy adjustment, the master told me to fine-tune the level of the machine bed and the geometric accuracy of the machine tool.

After curing the foundation of the machine, the use of foot bolts and adjusting washers fine adjustment of the level of the machine bed, for ordinary machine tools, level meter readings do not exceed 0.04mm/1000mm, for high-precision machine tools, level meter readings do not exceed 0.02mm/1000mm. then move the moving parts of the bed (such as columns, bed saddles, and tables, etc.), in the full stroke of the coordinates to observe and record the level of the machine tool change, and adjust the corresponding geometric accuracy of the machine tool, so that it reaches the tolerance range. Small machine tool bed is one piece, good rigidity, easier to adjust.

Large and medium-sized machine tool bed is mostly multi-point pad iron support, in order not to make the bed produce additional distortion deformation, require the bed in the free state to adjust the level, the support pad iron all play a role, and then press the foot bolt. This can maintain the stability of the bed after fine adjustment of long-term work, improve the geometric accuracy of the maintenance.

General machine tools are tested for accuracy before leaving the factory, as long as the quality is stable, the user according to the above requirements after adjustment, the machine tool will be able to achieve the accuracy before leaving the factory.

  • The machine function debugging

Machine tool function debugging is that we put the bed machine after the test run adjustment, check and debug the process of machine tool functions. Before commissioning, we should first check the machine's CNC system and programmable controller set parameters are consistent with the data in the random table. Then test the main operating functions, security measures, operating travel and common instructions to perform, such as manual operation, pointing, editing (EDIT), data input (MDI), automatic operation (MEMOTY), the limit of travel protection (software and hardware protection) and spindle gearing instructions and all levels of speed instructions and so on is correct.

Finally, check whether the machine auxiliary functions and accessories work properly, such as machine lighting, cooling shields, and various guards are complete; cutting fluid box filled with cutting fluid, test nozzle can spray cutting fluid, in the use of cooling shields when the leakage; chip conveyor can work properly; spindle box thermostat box is working and select the tool management function and contact probe can work properly.

For the CNC machining center with a tool magazine, you should also adjust the position of the manipulator. When adjusting, let the machine automatically run to the tool exchange position, to manually operate the way to adjust the relative position of the tool loading machinery and unloading robot to the spindle, adjust the tightening of the adjusting screw and the foot screw of the tool magazine, and then installed a few close to the allowable quality of the shank, for several times from the tool magazine to the spindle position of the automatic exchange, to the correct action, no impact and do not drop the knife for qualified.

  • Machine tool test running

Each time after the installation and commissioning of the machine tool, the whole machine with a certain load condition after a period of automatic operation, a more comprehensive check of the machine function and reliability of the workpiece.

Running time is generally used to run 8h per day, 2 to 3 days of continuous operation, or 24h continuous operation 1 to 2 days. This process is called the trial run after installation.

Test run in the program called test machine program, you can directly use the machine tool factory debugging time with the test machine program, you can also compile their own test machine program. The test program should include: the use of the main functions of the CNC system (such as the movement of each coordinate direction, linear interpolation, and circular interpolation, etc.), automatic replacement of 2/3 of the tool library to take the tool, the highest spindle, the most and commonly used speed, fast and commonly used feed rate, the automatic exchange of the work table, the use of the main M instructions and macro programs, measurement procedures, etc. Test run, the machine tool magazine should be inserted full of tool shanks, tool shank quality should be close to the required quality; exchange table surface should be added to the load. In the trial run, in addition to operating errors caused by failure, do not allow the machine tool failure, otherwise, it means that the machine tool installation and commissioning problems.

For some small CNC machine tools, such as small economic CNC machine tools, direct overall installation, as long as the commissioning of the bed level, check the geometric accuracy of qualified, after the power trial can be put into operation.

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