What's The Function Of The Servo Spindle Of The CNC Machine Tool


What is the function of the servo spindle of the CNC machine tool?

CNC machine tool servo spindle is one of the FANUC system spindle motor, its main control has two kinds of the interface: simulation (DC0 ~ 10v) interface and digital (serial transmission) interface. The simulated interface relies on the inverter and three-phase asynchronous motor to control the drive; the digital interface relies on the fully digital servo motor to control the drive. It is usually said that a spindle driven by an inverter is an analog spindle, and a spindle driven by a servo motor is a servo spindle.

Servo motor application CNC machine tool main function performance inaccurate positioning, speed responsiveness, constant torque is quite high, smooth operation, low noise, good rigidity. The servo spindle is driven by the servo drive. The Servo system to control the operation of mechanical components in the engine is an auxiliary motor indirect variable speed device. The Servo motor can make the control speed and position accuracy very accurate, and convert the voltage signal into torque and speed to drive the control object.

Servo spindle accuracy is high, but expensive, due to the speed, positioning accuracy is quite high, CNC machine tool applications are mostly seen in multi-functional machining centers, CNC drilling and milling machines specializing in tapping threads, as well as fine turning threads on the lathe.

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