Drilling And Tapping Machining Center China


Drilling and tapping machine concept briefly, it is also called "drilling and milling machining center" "drilling and tapping center" "drilling and milling center" is a cutting metal machine tools, is currently on the market, cutting, drilling, tapping as one of the fastest and high precision machine tools. Tapping is one of the fastest and high-precision machine tools. It has a small footprint, fast running speed, high processing efficiency, low price and is popular throughout the machining industry.

Drilling and tapping machine is mainly used as drilling, tapping, chamfering with a CNC machine tool; machining center is a CNC machine tool with tool magazine, the workpiece can be completed after a clamping more processing content, machining accuracy is higher, the shape is more complex, high precision requirements of single-piece processing or small and medium-lot multi-species production is more suitable. Milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads and other functions are concentrated in one machine. Compared with drilling and tapping machine, it has more functions such as milling and grinding.

The machining center is suitable for surface processing, relatively heavy cutting, such as molds, steel, and other processed parts; drilling and tapping machine is inclined to light cutting, tapping small threads, high speed, such as laptop cases, cell phone cases, 3C products, non-ferrous metal type. Therefore, tapping and drilling machine can not be used as a machining center, the type of workpiece processed to be suitable for processing on the machine tool.

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