The difference between CNC milling machine and a planer


Milling machine: is the use of milling cutters on the workpiece for milling processing machine tools. In addition to milling planes, grooves, gear teeth, threads, and spline shafts, it can also process more complex profiles, with higher efficiency than planers, and is widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair departments. Planer: a linear motion machine tool for planing the flat, groove, or shaped surface of the workpiece with a planning tool. Using the planer processing, the tool is simpler, but the productivity is lower (except for processing long and narrow planes), and is therefore mainly used for single-piece, small batch production, and machine shop, often replaced by milling machines in mass production. According to the structure and performance, planers are mainly divided into bullhead planers, gantry planers, single-arm planers, and specialized planers (such as edge planers for planing the edge of large steel plates, planers for planing punches, and complex-shaped workpieces), etc.

The bullhead planer is named because the ram and the tool holder are shaped like a bull's head, and the planing knife is mounted on the tool holder of the ram for longitudinal reciprocating movement, which is mostly used for cutting various planes and grooves. Gantry planer is named after a gantry frame structure consisting of top beam and column, and the table carries the workpiece through the gantry frame for linear reciprocating motion, mostly used for processing large planes (especially long and narrow planes), also used for processing grooves or processing several planes of small and medium-sized parts at the same time. Large gantry planers are often equipped with milling and grinding heads and other components so that the workpiece can be finished with planing, milling, and grinding planes in one installation. Single-arm planer with single column and cantilever, the table along with the bed guide for longitudinal reciprocating motion, mostly used for processing the width of the larger workpiece and do not need to process the entire width.

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