DEED Machine Center For Big Parts

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  • DEED Machine Center For Big Parts Manufacturers, DEED Machine Center For Big Parts Factory, Supply DEED Machine Center For Big Parts
  • DEED Machine Center For Big Parts Manufacturers, DEED Machine Center For Big Parts Factory, Supply DEED Machine Center For Big Parts
  • DEED Machine Center For Big Parts Manufacturers, DEED Machine Center For Big Parts Factory, Supply DEED Machine Center For Big Parts
  • DEED Machine Center For Big Parts Manufacturers, DEED Machine Center For Big Parts Factory, Supply DEED Machine Center For Big Parts
DEED Machine Center For Big Parts
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Only 1 time clamping can realize 5-face or 5-axis linkage machining, guarantee higher machining precision and shorter macchining time. Numerous options and characteristic functions are prepared for high-efficiency machining.
Headstock section modular design with various milling heads for option, can realize continuous automatic running of various process, greatly improve automatic machining capacity.
The machine base and column basic parts apply German new mineral casting technology and casting materials. Compared with traditional cast iron, it has better vibration absorption, lower thermal expansion coefficient and lower thermal conductivity coefficient.
Saddle, table and headstock apply German steel welding technology, it can help get higher rigidity, reduce moving parts weight, decrease movement inertia, as well as improve machine response speed and movement precision.

Technical specificationsG3024LG3524LG4024LG4524LG4028LG4528LG5532LG6532LG6537LG8537LG10537L
TravelDistance between two columnsmm2400280032003700
Y-axisprocessing strokemm3000340038004200
Spindle nose to table surfacemm200-1050200-1250200-1250200-1450200-1250200-1450200-1250200-1450
WorktableTable widthmm1800220026003000
Max. loadt15/16/18/2020/2228/3232/36/40
SpindleDrive mode
direct type+reduction gearboxdirect type+reduction gearboxdirect type+reduction gearboxdirect type+reduction gearbox
Spindle taper
Spindle speedrpm8000600060006000
Spindle cross sectionmm400×400450×450450×450450×450
Feed speedX-axis rapid traversem/min16121212
Y-axis rapid traversem/min16121212
Z-axis rapid traversem/min16121212
Cutting speedm/min8886
Precision GB
X-axis positioning accuracymm0.024/0.027/0.028/0.0310.028/0.0310.035/0.0390.039/0.047/0.055
Y-axis positioning accuracymm0.0240.0260.0280.029
Z-axis positioning accuracymm0.
X-axis repeatabilitymm0.016/0.017/0.018/0.0190.018/0.020.022/0.0240.024/0.029/0.034
Y-axis repeatabilitymm0.0160.0170.0180.019
Z-axis repeatabilitymm0.0080.0080.0080.008
OtherPower capacityKva50505050
Air pressurekgf/cm²6.
Floor areamm×mm9800/10800/11800/12800×580011800/12800X660014800/16800X700016800/20800/24800X7500
Net weightT30/33/36.5/4045/4763/6786/102/118
Machine bedWidth
X-axis guide way span
Ball screwX-axis
Precision GB/T19362.1
X-axis positioning accuracymm0.030.0330.0350.0380.0350.0380.0430.0480.0480.0580.068
Y-axis positioning accuracymm0.
Z-axis positioning accuracymm0.0250.0250.0250.0250.0250.0250.0250.0250.0250.0250.025
X-axis repeatabilitymm0.0190.0210.0220.0240.0220.0240.0270.030.030.0360.042
Y-axis repeatabilitymm0.0190.0190.0190.0190.0210.0210.0220.0220.0230.0230.023
Z-axis repeatabilitymm0.

1.Design with German method and technology,made in China.You will gain the highest cost performance.

2.The machine bed and columns are cast by new mineral material instead of iron. The excellent shock absorption is 10 times better than iron casting.It will never rust.Thermal expansion coefficient and heat conduction coefficient are also lower than iron casting.So,the machine stability and accuracy can improve 40%.

3.Beam, ram, spindle box, worktable apply German steel welding technology. This can reduce 20% move parts weight, get higher rigidity and lower movement inertia , improves the response speed and motion accuracy of the machine.

4.The spindle box adopts 450mm x 450mm square ram structure with four guide ways supported. The structure ensures the rigidity and stability of strong cutting when the ram extends.

5.The spindle is driven by AC servo motor with  two speed automatic gear box. The transmission lubrication oil temperature is controlled by an independent oil cooler.

6.Spindle has automatic broach device, hydraulic loosening, disc spring tension, loose cutter,scraping cutter and oil cylinder return three point detection.

7.The three axes straight motion is realized by high precision imported double nut preload ball screw rotating.Ball screw through Coupling connects with high precision  planetary gear reducer which directly connected with AC servo motor.

8. Z axis motion adopts the German HAWE automatic balancing technology by double oil pressure balancing cylinder, overcome the upper and lower unbalance moments caused by self weight.

9.The three axes are supported by super heavy load roller linear , Y axis roller linear apply staircase design.

10.Worktable adopts the Bessel best fulcrum design, effectively guarantee the high rigidity and high stability .

11.Centralized automatic grease lubrication system instead of oil lubrication system.No oil drops,no pollution. Maintaining every 6 months.Reduce your 60% maintain cost.

12.The key parts of machine tools are measured by the German ZEISS three coordinate measuring system.The precision is strictly tested by the RENISHAW laser interferometer and the ball bar.

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